Why Are The Careers We Would Like Not Always The Roles We Find Ourselves Doing?

January 26th, 2010

There are a lot of people who have their dream role, but so many more who have a career they aspire to. Why do these people not have the career of their dreams? There could be a lot of different reasons. If the dream does not fit the reality, then it will never materialize. How many little girls would love to be a top model, but are not extra tall and super slim? Maybe boys dream of being Formula 1 racing drivers, but they do not know how to steer a go-kart.

So, if our job dreams are significantly outside of our competencies, it makes the dream more of a flight of fancy than anything we could aim for. The folk who end up doing their dream jobs and have their ideal careers are those prepared to work that much harder, focus a little more, so as to become, perhaps a GP or a lawyer. They are pushing themselves to get the Best Paid Careers they possibly can and know they have worked intensively to achieve this.

Not all dream careers have to be the Best Paid Careers, some people dream of finding their perfect job while taking the occasion to Work From Home. Their dream is not being required to commute daily to an office or other place of work. These people love keeping home for their family, but at the same time want a job for themselves. Their perfect career, maybe, involves opening a little Internet Business from something which was once a hobby. Maybe their perfect career is one in which they are always working with new technology and being part of in the Internet Business could certainly fall in that bracket.

Many folk who are not working in their ideal role are doing it because of occurrences in their lives which they feel were beyond their control. Maybe there was no support during their formative years to persuade them to go on to university or college to train in the career which would have given them their perfect career. Perhaps their perfect career would have been much more straightforward, but their parents pushed them to go to college or university to train for a career in which they had no real fascination, but felt obliged to accept.

Young girls getting pregnant, at a time when they could have gone to university or started on a career path, get left behind their mates and then lose the support and energy to carry on with this later in their lives. They may decide to find a Work From Home job in order to support themselves and their babies while still being around to take care of them, but often these are not their perfect careers. Young men fall in love and marry, so the work which was intended to be a stepping stone in their perfect career find that they need the security of their current work and no longer chase their dream.

There are some folk, who no matter how hard they worked, would never be scholars, so if their dream was to be a professor or a solicitor, then they will always be disappointed in the career path which they follow. To chase the dream, it must be an achievable dream, but there are attainable dreams for all of us if we look in the right places and take a little risk.

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