What Would You Say If The Jobs Sprite Appeared And Wanted To Know What You Would Like To Be Your Idyllic Job?

June 27th, 2010

What is the idyllic career? For anybody asked that question, the response will be different. The range will be massive but I imagine some trends will come out. Football or some form of sport will almost certainly feature heavily (as long as it is accompanied by Premier League remuneration). Others will of course revolve around the entertainment industry with many people wanting to be the singer or guitar players for their favourite band, tv or movie star and many men will want to be porn stars although how many female leads they will actually find to ‘work’ with may turn out to be an anticlimax (as it were).

For me, the response will have to to do with being able to Work From Home since I have always hated commuting and I’ve had jobs that have involved being away from home all week because of the distance beforehand and I absolutely don’t want to return to that again.

Previous jobs that I’ve done that allowed me to Work From Home have included having an Internet Business where I ran a record shop on eBay which was great fun, buying people’s old vinyl record collections and then selling the individual records although you quickly find that where Pink Floyd, Elvis and Velvet Underground albums can go for a lot of money, you also finish up getting stuck with dozens of copies of Eurythmics, Bananarama and Wham! records. What I hadn’t bargained on was the cost of relisting when records didn’t go first time around and eventually had to call a halt.

I’ve also done a number of Online Jobs which are ideal because the internet, software and technology that operate on it make it an excellent environment to set up as an Internet Business and people can Work From Home with few technical abilities.

But I reckon that on the whole, I’d like a mixture. Some which pay extremely well and these would most probably be Online Jobs of some description that would be enjoyable to do such as Search Engine Optimisation, with the remainder of the time spent being a professional railway modeller. That sounds dull, but in fact involves a wide variety of activities from design, carpentry, electrical and structural engineering (a smaller scale of course but much safer than the real thing) not to mention God like abilities to create a landscape and the landmarks on it. A good model railway is often a wonder to behold and completing one must come with a huge feeling of pleasure. And of course, because it’s my ideal job I’d be the most famous in the world and can charge massive fees for my work.

I’d also like to be a professional cricket fan which will entail travelling with the English team on tour around the sunnier parts of the world in British winter. Having Online Jobs would naturally of course mean that I would be able to multitask by doing those at the same time wherever I was in the world, so I could kindly demand reduced fees for my services to the Barmy Army and make up the difference by working for my Internet Business.

But alas, the world doesn’t work out that way for the majority though of course many will say that their job to be their perfect one. But for the rest of us the only option is to make the best of what we have. That is aimed at someone else by the way, not me as oddly enough I think I do have my perfect job. So there!

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