To Get A Job You Have Always Dreamt About You Must Avoid The Most Common Mistakes

January 8th, 2010

So, you have been invited to the interview. You feel that you are the best candidate for this position but the fact is that without a proper preparation and inner ordiness you may still fail to impress HR managers. Below you will find five most frequently made mistakes and the ways to avoid this.

1) Lack of preparation

So how it works: you find the job description that is in line with your education and perhaps, experience, you submit your CV and motivation letter, then you receive your interview request and think that this is it – a job offer is your. But it’s a common mistake. Prepare for the interview first. Reread the job ad once again, compare your past job duties with the tasks and responsibilities set for this position. Recreate the interview: think about questions an HR manager may want to ask you and about your answers. Be ready to talk about your achievements and career expectations. It is strongly advised to look at your CV to refresh dates and necessary details you might have forgotten.

2) Not well-thought answers

It’s not news that during interview every response counts. You are judged and evaluated constantly. Be aware of quite innocent questions (at first sight) – the unsatisfactory answer will disqualify you at once. It’s better avoid such “confessions” as your inability to cope with colleagues and boss or that you have a tendency to oversleep in the mornings.

3) Not expecting unexpected

Be always ready. Today every company has different approach to hiring. Some conduct one-to-one interview, while others have a team of up to four people during an interview. There is also a possibility that you might be asked to take a written test prior to the interview. Usually, candidates are not informed about this peculiarities, so you need to be ready for all the variants. It’s also a good idea to carry several copies of your resume and a pen with you. But don’t be put off by all these unexpected turns, because your goal remains the same – sell yourself as the best candidate for the job opening.

4) Appear uninterested

It may be the case that you are worn out from all the search and interview process – you may be tired, you may be nervous. All of this is understandable but not showing any interest and commitment during the interview will eliminate you from the shortlist. You should maintain an eye contact with the interviewer and show your engagement. Ask questions about the job conditions, about the company to show that you know their profile and background. The interview shouldn’t run in the questions and answers form but as a discussion/conversation. Remember that you are being evaluated on how well you can bond with your potential team members and supervisors.

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