Tips To Pick A Great Career In A Bad Economy

July 12th, 2010

You probably do not live under a rock so you are likely aware that 2008 is a bad economic year. What does that mean if you are just graduating high school or are considering a career change? Or worse, what if you are being forced into a career change due being laid off from your existing job?

If that is the case then one thing to keep in mind when it comes to careers in demand is those jobs in healthcare. As the general population continues to get older more and more people will be needing healthcare. In addition more and more people will be retiring who already hold jobs in a healthcare field. This combination of forces taking shape will likely mean a significant increase in the number of workers needed to fill these type of jobs.

Many people think of professionals such as doctors or surgeons when the words healthcare careers are mentioned. And yes those can be excellent careers however they will require a huge investment of time and money. If you want to enter a healthcare field on a much shorter timeframe and for much less money you have numerous options available such as surgical tech training programs or massage therapist training programs.

These types of opportunities are not just available to those who are looking to enter a new career field in the healthcare industry. Many healthcare workers just need to upgrade their education some in order to take advantage of better career opportunities available. For example many RNs only finished two year degree program in nursing in order to become an RN. Those who do not have a BSN degree are unlikely to enter a management position.

In this case those registered nurses with an A.S. nursing degree have an option to earn their BSN degree from many campus based and online nursing schools. These types of nursing programs are very popular among current nurses with more and more of them leaning towards the RN to BSN online nursing program option over the campus based option. Also it is likely more still do attend a campus based program, that could change at any time. One reason so many people like the online option is due to the flexibility it can provide people.

Whatever your situation, take action now and do not wait. Time passing quickly and putting things off for just a little bit could turn into years of doing nothing. So take action, at least take the time to inquire about all of your career options available.

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