Tips To Make The Most Of Recruitment Services

April 7th, 2009

The services offered by recruitment agencies truly oil the wheels of business. Both employees and employers can find value in the use of these services, but both need to make key considerations before signing up to a recruitment agency. Hopefully the following information will allow candidates to make the best use of recruitment services. Go to recruitment consultancy for more information.

As a candidate for employment it is vital to remember that a recruitment agent will never act as your personal job hunter. Many who sign up to agencies believe that it means the end of their own job seeking efforts, hoping that the recruiter will go out and find a plethora of jobs for them. Unfortunately it does not work like this. Recruitment services try to match candidates to positions already on the books and fresh jobs that come in over time. They will not however actively hunt down jobs; just put the candidate in touch with employers who match their employment criteria. For those who want to find work quickly however, regular contact with the agency can make the process faster.

For those who are changing jobs but staying in the same industry field there are a large number of recruitment agencies who specialise in certain business sectors. By utilising these specialist services it is possible to find work easily; it is worth remembering that recruiters prefer candidates who have a clear idea what they want to do, hence knowing what positions you are looking for can be helpful. This means that if you are changing industries, or even starting out in a career without a clear idea of the career path to choose, searching for jobs under your own steam may be more advisable.

For those who are wishing to make themselves more eligible for work, it is worth telling the agency that you are willing to travel to work. Most recruitment services cover a large geographical area and usually have a selection of jobs within this area. Subsequently, by being able to travel to a job, you give the agency more options when they are sourcing positions for you.

When looking for an agency it is always good advice to use services recommended by friends and family. As with much of life the only thing you can rely upon is personal recommendation and by using services that others have used, there are added benefits. One of these benefits is that if you can give the agency a name of a candidate that successfully found work and has worked hard since, they are likely to give you more respect as a candidate, realising that you will be a worthy employee.

The recruitment industry has a number of unscrupulous operators who purely want to get candidates on their books. This is because some agency staff are paid through quotas and are given commission to meet targets. Once again this highlights the importance of personal recommendation.

Naturally the recruitment agent will want to know certain information about you and your work history. This will include past employment, current salary and obviously a full CV detailing references and education.

One last tip is to build a good rapport with your agent, by doing this you are likely to receive a better service, and increase your chances of job hunting success. Hopefully this information will give prospective employees vital information on how to utilise recruitment services most effectively. Visit recruitment for further information.

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