Tips That Work When Learning Japanese Languages

February 2nd, 2009

Many people are put off by the idea of learning Japanese. In fact, the Japanese language is quite easy to learn. It has straightforward grammar rules, and spoken Japanese can be picked up quickly and easily. Written Japanese will take a little longer, but often is not needed in the business world. It is also important to learn about Japanese formality and customs, and how these relate to the spoken language.

While many Westerners would like to how to learn Japanese, mainly due to the influence of Japan’s trade on the rest of the world, one of the things that puts many people off is that the system of writing is so dissimilar.

This does mean that it takes more time to learn than languages such as Spanish, for example, but when the focus is on recognizing and reproducing sounds correctly this becomes less of an issue.

The most important thing in any language if you’re learning to speak it conversationally is to practice speaking with a native speaker. In that case of learning Japanese there really is no substitute for spending some time in Japan to really immerse yourself, but if this is not possible then you need to try and approximate the experience as best you can.

If you have a Japanese friend or neighbor you’re at a huge advantage here – what you need is one-to-one interaction with no use of English. The aim is to make yourself understood and to understand was is being understood in the first place, but after this you should aim for naturally spoken Japanese – not the same as grammatically correct Japanese – which means using the words and constructions that are used every day on the street. This will be difficult to do, especially at first, but as your mind adjusts to the new language you’ll begin to take it on board.

If you are unable to travel to Japan or find a Japanese friend who will practice speaking with you, you should find a Japanese language course that simulates this one-to-one interaction, such as Rocket Japanese. Although an audio course can’t correct you like a Japanese speaker, you will at least hear naturally spoken Japanese and begin to make your best efforts at producing similar results. Learn Japanese Audio

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