Tips on Preparing for High School Graduation

July 10th, 2009

When preparing to graduate from high school, there are a lot of different events that you will want to remember, whether it is school events, graduation itself, or parties. A good method to hold onto these memories is by putting photos and other mementos into scrapbooking albums. scrapbooking is inexpensive and fun method to organize little keepsakes like ticket stubs, photos, cards, or invitations. Though scrapbooking is a fun hobby to get involved in during this busy time, the months surrounding graduating from high school have many other serious things that need to be attended to.

Before graduating from high school, it is important to go over your credits with a counselor and ensure that you will be receiving your diploma at the ceremony. Many students come to the last months of their senior year and then are shocked by a miscalculation of their credit hours. Then they are required to finish the hours in summer school. If this is the case, do not get too upset. Sometimes schools will make an exception and allow students to walk in the graduation ceremony with their classmates still. Then after completing the credit hours, the diploma will come in the mail.

Then of course there is preparing for the actual graduation ceremony. Most schools require you to buy the cap and gown months in advance. It is important to make sure your cap and gown have arrived. Your school will most likely require you to wear certain attire underneath you gown, so you want to make sure that you have something suitable. Also, you will be required to attend practice for the ceremony to go over the entrance and exit walks. Another aspect of the graduation ceremony that you need to be aware of is that a lot of schools allocate a certain number of tickets for each student to allow family to attend. If you have a large family and the allocated number of tickets is not enough, sometimes other students may have extras that they could give to you.

After graduation, it is time to begin to step forward. If you have decided to go to college, it is time to start getting things in order for school. It is important to make sure you have open lines of contact with admissions counselors at the school you are planning to go to so you can be aware of events occurring over the summer. Make sure you have the dates of your orientation and registration sessions recorded so you can attend and schedule classes for the fall semester. If you have decided to start working after high school, it is important to begin applying for openings in whatever field you are looking into.

The time after graduating can be overwhelming and really stressful. It is important to focus on all the good and cherish the time before moving forward with whatever life choice you have decided on. The summer after graduating from high school is a time that should be spent making memories.

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