The Truth About Sustainable Development

November 13th, 2009

Did you ever wonder what people meant when they talk about sustainable development? How is it going to affect your everyday life? Many people hear and use this word without even paying attention to its meaning. Indeed this has become quite fashionable and we can see it on every media. In order to help you learn more on this I have written this short article on sustainable development and how it might affect you.

The main thing about sustainable development is picking out a model of economic development that will not cause problem to society or the environment even in the future. Said differently this mean that we should not favor development at all cost and hinders the ability of the next generation to provide for their needs. As you will have probably discovered by now sustainable development is more than just caring for the environment. Do you want to read more on this subject? This French article on sustainable development (commerce équitable) should be interesting to read as it carries some interesting point.

Second sustainable development asks that we have a more efficient utilization of energy. As said above we should not only consider our own welfare but also that of the future generations. This is the principal reason why we should manage our energy resources better. This will allow us to provide a proper inheritance to our children. This French article on ecology (recuperateur d eau de pluie) has really caught my attention and should be worth taking a look.

It is also essential that we speak of pollution when it comes to sustainable development. This is the reason why we often utilize the word sustainability in the same sentence. Indeed by switching to organic farming and restricting the use of chemicals we are shifting towards a more sustainable model of development. Doing this should indeed assist in preserving the environment. One great French article that I have recently come across is organic food and should be worth taking a look.

Sustainable development is a really interesting topic that the world will need to tackle. With our current model of economic development we will not be going anywhere and it will be high time that world leaders come together and solve this problem once and for all. But with the interest of certain people at stake this can be a wasted effort.

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