The Sudden Demise Of A Parent Could Mean The Surviving Parent Needs To Find Family-Friendly Work Quickly

December 6th, 2009

If you are a family with young kids, you will have an understanding of how hard it is to keep a vocation going while putting the needs of your youngsters first. It is normal that one partner will become the main care provider and the other will be the main breadwinner.

How complicated must this become if mum or dad is diagnosed with an incurable illness or dies suddenly? Besides the sorrow all members of the family are dealing with, there could well be a requirement to re-think the current job situation.

With a sudden death, your mind is in a spin, the last thing you want to think about is work, but there may well be a requirement to consider how the current job situation is going to fit with the new one-parent family circumstances you now find yourself in. If you were the main income provider, perhaps you used to be involved in business travel, or working long hours each day. This pattern would need to change as you are required to implement the care of your youngsters. Will your job allow for the change or will you need to look for alternatives? Could you Work From Home? If you were the mum or dad who had most of the responsibility for looking after the youngsters, then probably your job would still fit around your needs, but is it still worthwhile financially to keep up with this job, or will you require more funds than this will allow?

If your partner has an incurable illness, then the sorrow is a protracted process. Firstly there is the fury of why your family is facing this and the firm knowledge that at some time in the near future you shall be alone with the youngsters who have also had to see their mummy’s and daddy’s torment through the illness. Following this it may be that you consider your job state. Can you do some of your Work From Home in order to spend time caring for your husband or wife and youngsters? Would you be able to continue the same pattern of work in the future or will you need to reconsider your options at some time?

If you do need to find a new job, it may be that a search of current Online Jobs available may allow you the chance of being able to Work From Home for an Internet Business, which would fit around your family commitments.

There are many types of Internet Business to choose from. With this being a growing industry today, the options for this type of work are good. Many Online Jobs offer the chance to work in data entry, with nothing more than a pc and internet connection required. Start up time is usually fast, and as you Work From Home you can set your own hours, which fit around your youngsters.

Perhaps you could even start up your own Internet Business, either from scratch in an area with which you are familiar, or as a branch of a going concern, for example franchise work. If you use a search engine on the web, you will find many Online Jobs and these may give you some inspiration for how you would like to move forward in a way which is going to fit in with your new homelife situation. Some of these posts will afford better pay than others, and some require more expertise. Search for your perfect job and hopefully this will be one less thing for you to worry about.

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