The Significance of School Maintenance And Repair in Creating a Healthy Learning Environment

April 25th, 2009

It is true that a school has so many things to take into consideration just like if the amount of teachers, classrooms, and computers is enough. Hence, school maintenance and repair may not be seen as a major priority, and its importance is disregarded.

It is believed that the school is our second home. There are even days when spend more time being in school than at home. So it is very important to keep it in good shape as much as possible. Who would want to stay in a classroom with a roof that leaks and with walls that have chipped paint? How uncomfortable it would be if after hours of football practice you find out that the shower does not work properly?

It is truly a known reality that the school is one vital institution in our society as it is where we are molded to be productive citizens. One of the things that should be done to create a school a place favorable for learning is to have a regular school maintenance and repair. It would not be a pain if the government met with school officials and discussed the appropriate budget for this concern. After all, it is a long-term investment. It is from schools where the future leaders will hail from. It is from these educational institutions where future doctors, teachers, lawyers, journalists, and so on will hail from. Mostly, the future of the country and the world largely rely on these schools.

There are actually companies that offer services for the maintenance as well as repair of buildings and structures such as schools, and they can help prevent this so-called “sick-building syndrome”. What happens is that the performance of people who are staying or working in a place that is suffering from poor indoor quality, improper heating and ventilation and other structural deficiencies, are negatively affected. Health problems can take place, and worse, these people may lose their motivation and enthusiasm. We do not want the students to lose interest in learning just because of these physical deficiencies, do we?

Furthermore, there are other buildings in addition to schools that get plagued by the passing of time as well as the forces of nature, and these include churches. Church repair and restoration must also be given importance. A church is not just a structure, but it is a sacred and religious place. A church is as an important institution in the society as the school. But one issue in renovating and rebuilding a church is that it may be a shelter for some of the most important pieces of art. Whatever the issues are, however, priority must be given to the repairs of buildings where people gather for important activities, just like the churches and schools.

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