The Re-Emergance of the Entrepreneur – Beginning Again

January 14th, 2010

Frustrated with the lack of control that is offered in corporate America, it is growing more and more widespread for bright folks to take it upon themselves to manifest their own universe, launch their own business, and smash the shackles of industry forever.

It’s interesting to review the turn of the century in the United States, the great preponderance of our people were self employed, as entrepreneurs, either as farmers or small businessmen. What happened was the industrial age took hold, and in order for that machine to labor, they needed drones (in the form of humans) to labor for as little as possible to feed the commercial beast.

This worked for a while, folks were happy (or were they?) and for a time there was a feeling of trustworthiness in both directions. At one point, you could get a job working for the man, and have a reasonable hope that you would have useful employ for the rest of your life. This served to dampen the inherent entrepreneurial spirit that I believe exists in all of United States.

But a shift started to happen.

Countries like Korea, Japan and even Russia were coming up the scientific curve and started to move forward better products than we were. Not just cut-rate knock offs mind you, real finely engineered products that were better than what was behind done in the US.

They were sticking it to us.

Then to top it off, most likely related to the shift, our economy started to tank. Some call it a recession, I call it a depression. Call it what ever you like, the fact is joblessness is at all time highs, and it’s time to re-spark the entrepreneurial spirit; time to get back to our roots.

Now the fact is obvious to those of United States that build a business on the internet: given the global nature of the web, this portion of the economy has not been effected. In fact my internet business is absolutely off the charts. Growth has been absolutely phenomenal.

Building a business on the internet is much like a traditional business, although you don’t have to have a dedicated building (many build it right out of their homes), and if you do it right you won’t have any employees to hassle with (can you say no unemployment hassles?).

The labor ethic, business strategy, and marketing savvy that are required to build a traditional business are fundamentals that apply to all enterprises, and an internet business is no different..

The key to building a successful internet business, is to find a exceptional in demand product, build a highly optimized sales funnel to sell it (hopefully completely automated), and then get as many targeted eyeballs looking at your virtual entry, the entrance into your sales funnel.

On your own accord, it can be a bit intimidating, but that’s where we can propose help.

Our team provides the framework for you to plug into right away and launch creating cash, real wealth, within your initial 90 days. It goes to reason you need to take it serious and put the effort into it just like any real business, but the payback are enormous.

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