The Do’s and Dont’s of Your First Day at Work

June 12th, 2009

Job hunting can be tiresome. What is more tiresome is acing an interview. If you managed to land a job, though, it is the moment for you to look forward for your first day at work. The only main advice here is to not screw it up. It is easy to mess up your first day on the job. Forming early friendships and wanting to be liked by everyone can easily diminish your future reputation at the office. Fortunately for you, there are quick and easy techniques to help you survive your first day on the job.

First things First

Always remember that first impressions always last. What you make during your first day at work can have a lasting effect on the office. It can surely affect the way others in the office perceive you as a person. People are easy to judge and you better remember that.

So, what you can do is to make yourself look presentable. Before going to work, make sure that you have every equipment and business apparel you need. Match your office couture with some leather briefcase for women to create a more presentable look. Just make sure that you are following the company’s dress code.

Another thing you must make sure to outfit is your desk. As this would be your space for the next years, it is important to put everything you need in place. Things as simple as a pen and letter openers are important. Make sure that you have everything you need ready especially for that important first meeting with your boss.

Important Tasks

It is extremely important to meet with your boss during your first day. This way, you’ll have a run through of your job description. You can ask questions about your job, office policies and a lot more. Make sure that before the meeting ends, everything you need to know is answered.

Also, learn your position in the office. It is easier to delegate tasks when you exactly know who to call. The people within your reach must also have interpersonal relationships. You must know these relationships to be able to exactly learn how to correctly approach them.

More importantly, don’t be too hasty in treating a co-employee to lunch. Keep any of your women’s wallets to yourself and avoid forming friendships this early. This is not entirely necessary for your survival.

Your Approach to Others

It is easy for the office environment to be more like high school. If you do try to make friends with others, do so in a manner that will be equal to all. If not, you would find yourself belonging to a clique and this would considerably harm your reputation.

It is very important to always be polite, respectful ad professional. Even if you are dealing with your subordinates, make sure that you deal with them in a nice and harmless manner. This can easily secure your position in the office and allow you to make any changes with the way to handle others.

Lastly, don’t gossip or create anything to fuel gossip. It is easy for office politics to get dirty and you surely don’t want to get caught up with it. Keep personal information to yourself and you’ll easily survive longer at work.

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