Striving For A Position As A Firefighter And What To Prepare For

August 12th, 2010

If you happen to be searching for some Career Ideas that can be satisfying and different, then why not contemplate joining the Fire and Rescue Service. If you are physically capable and up for a challenge, employment as a firefighter can be one of the most rewarding Careers you can possibly find. Up high with medical Careers and even police officers, these jobs save people’s lives and are important for keeping the country safe and in good health. Firefighters are often referred to as heroes, potentially rescuing people from burning buildings and vehicles, but no doubt this a very serious career and necessitates quick thinking and physical strength. Let’s go over a short overview of the application process for the job and how you can commence New Careers in the fire service.

As mentioned before, these Careers are no walk in the park and the same applies to the application course. A lot of fire and rescue departments don’t ask for any formal qualifications, although owning some good GCSE grades and A level passes can be a benefit and there is a written test you will be required to pass. The key concern these departments have, is your physical capabilities and health. First of all you need to have good eye sight, without the use of glasses or contact lenses, often if you have had corrective surgery this can be all right, but no doubt you would still need to be able to pass the checks. There are also various psychological tests to go through, but the main focus, is of course the physical tests.

There are numerous physical tests you will be required to go through in order to make the grade. These checks will see if these Career Ideas are appropriate for you. There are 6 trials in total to complete this section, the first being the ladder climb, this checks your ability to assemble and scale a 13.5 meter ladder wearing the necessary protective gear. next is the casualty evacuation test where you are asked to pull a 55kg casualty backwards round a 30 meter track and you will be tested on picking up and lowering weights for the third check. The fourth test will be working in a narrow area with full breathing apparatus, sections of this assessment will be in clear vision and half will be in obscured vision. The fifth assessment is to check dexterity by putting together and disassembling a piece of equipment and finally, the last exam is a collection of aerobic exercises to ensure you can cope with heavy equipment over distances.

As you have probably noticed so far, reaching these New Careers is not a normal task and unfortunately, the examinations do not stop here. After working through the physical tests you will be put through a standard medical assessment to ensure you have sufficient lung capacity, fitness and health. Your hearing will also be checked during this process. It’s important that you get fit before applying for these Careers. There are often more hopefuls than there are vacancies, firefighting jobs are really competitive. If you are triumphant however, you can look forward to an excellent future. Generally you would be working a 42 hour week and your opening pay can be around

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