Staying hopeful in the current job environment will undeniably have an effect on your job hunting success

October 30th, 2009

With news of yet more job cuts in the UK this week it is simple to understand why those who are unfortunate enough to be out of work become more and more dismayed with the whole situation. The job losses over the last year have been considerable and have been in industries that have in the past remained nearly unscathed by compulsory redundancies. So the people looking for work now have little practice of job hunting, how it feels and how to stay focused. They are also faced with the added stress of a media who seem to flourish on reporting the doom and gloom, often in place of some less newsworthy “good news” articles.

None of this helps them to do one of the most vital things in their search, to remain upbeat. If they can do this they will tackle each hurdle much better and accomplish that all important goal of a job much quicker. Job seekers who have lost motivation find jobs much less frequently and tend to get into a downward spiral.

The most vital thing to remember is that no situation will last ad infinitum. Even if roles in a particular area are few and far between at the moment, new ones will develop again shortly. Perhaps not exactly the same roles as before but similarities will be strong enough to prove interesting. Take marketing for instance. Although the number of roles in this area has been reduced considerably, there are now new opportunities existing due to the rise in Internet Business. These roles, although requiring an additional amount of training, are based on the skill desired for a traditional role in marketing and so it is not too difficult for those qualified in this area to adapt and consider one of the Online Jobs now available.

If a job seeker can stay optimistic it also makes the critical task of networking a lot easier. Calling an old coworker or friend for a chat seems daunting if you head is down but if you can uphold confidence the whole thing becomes a lot easier. Learn to ask people what they do for a career, let old colleagues and friends know that you are looking for work, it is nothing to be self conscious about. Also be prepared to consider options that may not fit directly with your previous roles.

If you discount being self employed, or an opportunity to Work From Home you will probably be dismissing rather a large number of growing roles. As internet business develops, and continues to out perform the high street these are the sorts of jobs that are going to come to the market first, so do be willing to consider them.

Viewing any new opportunity from a positive angle will definitely give you the best possible chance of getting back to work quickly.

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