Starting Your Self-Employed Career In PC Repairs

July 3rd, 2010

Are you stuck for Career Ideas? Are you maybe helpful with a computer? A great opportunity to think about for anyone who has skills building and working computers could be to form your own business. The suggestion may seem a lot at first, but as far as self employed Careers go, this one needs very little in the way of investment. There are an assortment of services you could decide to provide and although having your own workshop would be useful, there’s nothing to say you couldn’t work from home or via call outs. Maintaining your own working computer and internet connection is a must, but other than that, there is not much else you would need. Let’s come up with some idea’s to help these New Careers get on their feet.

To start, you will need some Career Ideas about what services you are going to present to customers. A good starting point for these Careers would be to advertise computer repairs. Computers are often known to malfunction, moving parts inside, overheating, problematic software, there are numerous things that can happen to a PC and the majority of people don’t have any idea how to repair them. Many people decide to simply buy a new computer or take it to the large retail stores to be repaired. The trouble there is the fee, many large retail chains overcharge for these services, because they know people will return time and time again. This is your chance for some easy business. As long as you can make yourself recognised, you could be repairing computers, often with easy problems and making good money from it. On occasions a fix could be as quick as 5mins, and you could be payed at least

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