Spending So Many Hours Working, Having A Career You Love Is A Real Bonus

February 19th, 2010

There are 168 hours in every week. If we spend the expected eight hours per night sleeping, that is fifty six hrs we account for, leaving 112 hours being awake. For everybody who has a full time career, about half of this time will be consumed each week getting ready to go to the office, commuting to work or essentially being at work. It is easy to appreciate, therefore, how having a career you love will enhance your life.

I am privileged to have a career I love, with the added benefit that I Work From Home, so do not suffer the daily commute to work. I work in the Internet Business, undertaking Online Jobs which involve working in an environment I like but keeping abreast with technology. This is necessary in order to carry out my work successfully. If I did not keep abreast with the latest technology I would not be well placed to give my clients the best possible advice on how to improve their web sites in order to obtain higher search engine placement, thus assisting them to achieve more business.

Although I Work From Home, I do need to do research for my job, so am still in contact with other folk as I need to obtain a fully rounded idea of the businesses my customers are involved in. The Internet Business I am occupied in gives me the added bonus of networking with folk who work in many different industries, so every day is different and I get insight into many jobs which in the normal working way I would not be involved with.

One day I could be discussing Online Jobs with a new Internet Business and then the next day discussing with somebody who knows not much about the net or online marketing, but understands the need to have a site in place to promote their firm.

Being passionate about my business comes over in my discussions with clients and potential clients and they gain confidence that I will perform a good job for them because I like my work. If I did not have this passion for my work, then I would not be as successful, as folk can soon grasp the fact that you do not really believe in your business if this is the case.

Because I love my work so much, I often find that I work much more than the usual 40 hours which full time work demands. I am often found on my laptop, researching new ideas, looking for new ways of helping to increase my business, writing articles and reports in relation to my job. When I am out and about, I will also be looking for topics which could help me to improve my business or give me insight into an area on a matter where I was a little light in experience.

If I did not have such passion for my job, I would not be spending these extra hours improving my Internet Business, I would more than likely do the minimum expected to get the necessary results, but would not be giving my potential clients the value add which having confidence in my career and my ability give me.

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