Some Career Options That Are Available In The Games Industry That Are Appropriate For Individuals Who Do Not Hold Degree Level Education.

May 21st, 2010

There are lots of Careers present within the games industry, however people can be put-off thinking about New careers within the games industry as a lot of them require degree level training. However, here we have some Career ideas which don’t ask for such demanding entry requirements. For anyone contemplating New careers within the games industry, but are worried that their lack of qualifications might hold them back, then these Career ideas should provide you with some hope.

One of the Careers available that does not require any recognised qualifications is games tester. A games tester has the job of playing through early levels of games, checking for bugs that would obstruct game play. They then are expected to complie a detailed report, saying where the bug is present, and how to reproduce it. This is then sent back down to the programmers who will then examine what is triggering the problem and will attempt to fix it before the game is released. For this role you don’t need any recognised qualifications, just a keen eye for detail and of course, an interest in games. You will be expected to play the same levels through many, many times to ensure that all potential bugs are found before the game is released. This is an incredibly important job as if a developer were to release a game that had not been thoroughly tested and was found to be full of bugs upon release, it would be pretty detrimental for that company’s reputation.

Another role which does not ask for any recognised qualifications is a games reviewer. This is a role that has become increasingly easier to get into with the ever increasing popularity of online blogs, as anyone these days can simply review a game, and publish their opinions online. Of course, in order to get paid for it, you will require a position working for a well-known publisher. It will be advantageous to you to have some kind of experience writing for newspapers or magazines, but it certainly is not needed. If you really enjoy games and are good at putting your feelings on paper, then games reviewer would definitely be a good choice for you to consider.

One more role which, anyone who doesn’t play games on a frequent basis probably won’t know about is a Games Master, or GM for short. A GM’s role is to keep the peace within on-line games, dealing with cheaters, account issues, and people getting jammed in games. They have the authority to ban people from games for breaching certain rules. Sometimes, in order to become a GM, you will be required to speak 2 languages, as European gamers generally end up on the same servers as each other. However, it’s not always a requirement, so sometimes just an interest in games will be sufficient for this career, however you will need a good customer service outlook, as you will be dealing with people on a daily basis.

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