Smart Job Listing = Quality Candidates

January 5th, 2009

Looking for a job used to be a full time job in itself. Thankfully due to today’s technological options and the Internet, it is no longer as difficult as in the past.

Applicants have become adept at job searching, and employers in turn have become proficient about listing their jobs in numerous places so they are easy to find.

Utilizing Job Listings

However, as an employer you still need to be able to make the most of job listings to stay organized and draw the types of applicants you hope to eventually hire.

As an employer, it is your job to get the word out about the job availability. The most efficient means of doing that is to create a job listing for your target audience to easily find.

Make the Listing Clear

Your listing should be direct and to the point, but also offer incentives to the prospective employees who read them. Instead of just telling them about the company, you are better off also including the range of salary you are offering and a sampling of benefits that come with the overall package.

If there is a sign-on bonus, you should definitely include that in the listing because it will help draw potential employees to the career opportunity.

Points of Emphasis

In the listing itself, there should be a few very specific key points about what the job entails. Being vague will only attract applicants who are unsure of what you actually do; after the interview they may not even be interested in the job at all.

Hence, it is better to clearly delineate the job responsibilities to disengage from the outset any people who are not truly interested. Describe the job in simple details providing a good description without making it seem overwhelming and causing potential legitimate candidates to turn away.

Where to List

Finally, list the job in as many reasonably priced but heavily-viewed options as you can. That includes the newspaper, job web sites, and even on free listing directories such as

Listing the job on your own company web site is also another great alternative since many existing employees might be searching for new opportunities themselves. You never know where you will find your next great employee, so take advantage of all simple options to get the word out everywhere you can.

The more quality you invest in writing the listing and subsequently advertising it, the more likely you are to uncover an employee who will be a great fit for your company.

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