Ski Instructors in Japan Have Fun Jobs

September 30th, 2010

Most ski instructors in Japan gain a lot of good from their experiences. You might want to try the option too. Understandably, you might not like to work while beautiful slopes are calling out to you. You might just have a change of heart though once you find out what instructors really do while in jobs in Japan.

Obviously, the winter season which roughly falls on December to February is when instructor jobs are open for application. The most financially ideal place to find jobs in is Hokkaido which is highly celebrated by tourists for its outstanding powder quantity and quality. The best paying ski instructor jobs are in Hokkaido mainly because it has the most tourists wanting to learn the recreational sport. The minimum instructor rate is 1000 yen an hour but you can easily get 1500 an hour just to teach skiing in a resort.

The kind of pay that you get in establishments outside of Hokkaido is not as high. In Nagano for example, the maximum pay is usually no higher than 750 yen per hour. This should not discourage you though. Despite the low rate, you can still enjoy a lot of employee advantages. In general, winter resorts offer free meals and living quarters to foreign instructors. So even if you get a low rate, you can expect to keep most of it for your personal shopping or savings.

It’s important to note before you apply that the benefits of ski instructor jobs in Japan are often provided in a communal set up. This is not just so resorts can save on the cost of keeping employees. Japanese culture really puts importance on communal participation. Hence, you may have to eat, sleep and bathe with other people. This might initially cause you some minor anxiety but you should really treat this as a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Japanese culture.

One thing that can take a huge toll on you is the work shift. The Japanese are a very diligent and efficient people and they expect foreign workers to take on the same traits. You will have to work for around 8 hours for at least 6 days a week. You may even have to work longer hours on busy days. While on duty, you are supposed to limit social interaction so as not to affect the performance of your duties as an instructor.

Despite the strict work requirements though, ski instructor jobs are still worth applying for because you get to enjoy as much as you can after work. As long as your shift is over, you can enjoy the snow on your own or with friends. You will also be permitted to explore and enjoy other forms of entertainment that may be available outside the resort you work in at your own expense.

There are no strict language requirements. You will however most likely be able to land a higher paying job to teach skiing in Hokkaido if you know a bit of Japanese. It is therefore a good idea to at least take an informal language course before applying for a high paying slot.

It is a fact that ski instructors in Japan don’t always have things easy when it comes to work hours. Obviously though, general work conditions are fairly excellent. Where else can you earn and enjoy at the same time?

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