Rocket Spanish: Megavocab Is Useful Learning Tool

August 6th, 2009

Picking up vocabulary is a hard thing to do in any language. But Mega Vocab in Rocket Spanish makes it too smooth. The main fundamental behind this is to create a link in the brain forms by repeatedly seeing an image or image and sound together.

You start off by selecting what you want to be tested on. You practice vocabulary from any of the 20 specialized topics, including “Traveling,” “Food and Wine,” “The Weather,” and more. When you have selected what you want to be tested on, press ‘Start’ and you will be shown a picture and the English word. Just select the corresponding Spanish word from the 4 options given. If you get it right first time, then you get the maximum points. You can continue guessing, with one less point for every incorrect answer, until you get the right answer.

At the end of the questions, you are given a percentage of correctly answered questions. Depending on your score, you can go onto another topic and set of vocabulary or repeat the same topic.

The important feature of MegaVocab making the game much more interesting is the MegaVocab Creator, where you can add your own extra words and pictures with ease.

Thus, Megavocab is a useful vocabulary learning tool. It is easy to use and gives you feedback on how you are doing. Whether you are at school or working for a business that exports overseas, this is the game only for you.

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