Questions to pose the interview panel

February 21st, 2009

In your interview, you are likely to find that the panel ask you if you have any questions for them. Typically, this happens towards the end of the interview.

From the panel’s point of view, they are going to be relatively tired at this point and not really in the mood for a difficult question. However, some may find your questions give them some insights in to the type of employee you may turn out to be.

There are three stategies that you may want to consider using:

1. No Questions
You may just want to terminate the interview politely and efficiently, by saying something along the lines of – “Actually, I have already asked all of my questions when I read your company statement and spoke to John and Mary in your back office. I am certain that I can help your company progress and that this post will be an excellent fit for my skills.”
2. Insightful Question
You could ask them a question that you haven’t been able to clarify to date. It should be something that is related to the company’s advancement and not yours – “Would you put improving our presence in the online world as a higher priority for our company than reducing overheads, even in the current climate?”. Don’t ask questions such as How much will my bonuses be or something centred around you. Don’t ask a question that you should have already discovered the answer to with elementary research.
3. How Have I Done Question
In this response, your aim is to find out if you have given rise to any doubts in the minds of the interview panel and develop a last chance to put them right. So you may say something along the lines of “I believe that I am the best candidate for the job and hope that I have been able to convince you of that. Is there anything that I have said or done today which has stopped you being convinced of that too?” This may appear a high risk strategy, but really only needs guts to deliver. If they have doubts about you, then they will be marking you with those doubts in mind. By delivering this question, you have the chance to mop up any lingering doubts in the ST interview‘s minds!

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