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May 2nd, 2010

Many individuals are suffering from job loss in our recent economic crisis. Whether the reason may be, a massive lay off, make business smaller, or could you have been terminated for one reason or another? one more situation that is arising is that many companies are shutting down and going out of business. At this point the cause is irrelevant; the fact is that you are in need of another job, and quickly. So, you must pick yourself up and do a self evaluation in order to succeed. Face the facts you need to gather the appropriate information and start on your resume. It has been proven that you should not write your own resume; you cannot be free of bias about yourself the way that a Resume Writing Service can. When you start writing about yourself you tend to leave very pertinent information out because you might reflect on something it bragging or not important, there are many other important reasons. Professional Resumes need to be done in a manner to where it is going to catch the hiring manager’s attention immediately among the other 500 to 1,000 resumes in that endless pile. They are just as frustrated as the job seeker.

So, the first thing that should be exhausted is to gather your work background. You should jot down summary of company names and the dates that you worked in that firm. further down each one, write down a thorough job explanation of, what did you do? What kind of office skills did you operate? Were you proficient in operating them? Depending on the type of work you did, these will vary such as if you worked as an administrative assistant, what were your daily duties. Were you responsible for answering the phones, typing, filing, scheduling events, billing etc?

The next process is to put together a list of your skills, this should not just defined of a few basic technical skills but you really require something to provide your transferable skills as well. Yes, you do need to list that you have skills such as; type 65 wpm, and AP or AR, call center, leadership and more, but many individuals forget about the important transferable skills that you have done most of your life, things like self motivation, manage time effectively, creative thinking skills, listen actively and attentively. The overall person does not think of adding these very important items to their career.

Ok, you now have your work history and all of your ability to do things well gathered. Your almost there, the next inquiry you need to ask yourself about are your accomplishments, what you have achieved throughout your career. This can be more important than where you worked and even a little of your skills. Were you accomplished in certain positions? Did you increase revenue for a company, increased sales and marketing consequence in revenue and sales by 180%? Companies are looking for individuals that can help them grow, were you promoted, able to design and implement plans of action, create new products and procedures? The most accomplished job seeker will provide all of this knowledgeable so that they stand out above the rest.

The time has come to supply an expert with all of the information you have worked on, let someone who knows what they are doing, and make it right for you. Once this is completed you’re now ready to begin your active job search, be prepared, show your confidence and do not give up. There is a lot of competition out there, but you are ready to stand above the rest and be the winner.

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