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July 25th, 2009

If you have been watching the news they would make you believe it’s now impossible to get part time jobs. The media will also make you believe that If you have a job then don’t mess it up because you’ll struggle to get a new one. Loads of people are very anxious that there jobs are at jeopardy because more and more people are losing there jobs everyday and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a new one, but believe me there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Good part time jobs in London that are in demand is bar and call centre part time jobs which are ideal for students studying at University.

One sector that is still in high demand is admin jobs, as businesses will always need admin staff for support, whether the company is large or small. Businesses are now opting to take on admin staff over giving out executive positions to cut back on expenses.

To find a job quickly the best place to look is at a recruitment agency, as they will have jobs ready for workers to go to. A lot of the recruitment agencies out there focus on one particular sector like catering or office work so make sure to choose an agency that specialises in the area of work you want to do. Do not go to a catering agency if you want an admin role or secretarial role.

During these difficult times of financial unrest jobs are difficult to come by and the competition is bigger than ever so this requires you to make sure you show yourself to be a more than capable candidate to execute what is expected of you within the job. Companies are especially in London constantly wanting to take on new staff and knowing how to job hunt is often difficult but using the internet couldn’t be simpler to job seek as there are thousands of websites out there designed to help you find a suitable job.

There are now plenty of jobs available which allows you to work online from home this can include many different things like data entry or content writing. Usually online jobs from home only need candidates to have basic computer skills but there are jobs for specialised software users as well.Working from home is a good way of saving money as you cut down on transportation expenses as they become more costly.

There’s no need to panic as there are still many jobs out there it’s using your initiative to find a suitable job that you are happy with that fits your lifestyle and previous experience and qualifications.

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