Part Time Jobs in Manchester

October 29th, 2009

As we approach the new the start of first term of University, many student living in the big cities will be thinking about finding part time jobs this includes. This includes part time jobs in Leeds, part time jobs in Manchester and part time jobs in Glasgow.

As the state of the economy continues to stay poor people are finding it difficult to maintain there jobs thus creating more competition for part time jobs. Part time jobs typically used to be for mums, students and people in the creative arts industry but now 9 to 5 workers are taking whatever they can get. I will try give you some valuable advice to obtain that ideal position in the job role you want whether it is a stepping stone for the future or your dream job.

Remember employers of part time jobs aren’t looking for fancy qualifications so there’s no need to grind them out, on your CV or in your interview.Try stop yourself glorifying any past success you may have had and only discuss events of the last 5 to 10 years of your working career.When talking about your previous experience just split up in simple sections there’s no need to over complicate things.

As you are getting older you need to be particular with the jobs you apply for as even in your late twenties you can be out of the possible applicants.First impressions are key to the outcome of how an interview goes as you will be judged throughout the rest of the interview by your first encounter.

The easiest way to find job vacancies is to simply go on a search engine and type part time jobs along with the city you live in.

Another very effective way of obtaining a job is to put your interview outfit on and go straight to different places of work and ask for a job. Ask If the manager is there then it is worth asking to meet him to make a great first impression.

The way you present yourself is vital so getting a smart suit or outfit will boost your chances of bagging that job. You must especially make an effort with the way you dress yourself when you go for an interview at a restaurant, bar or hotel because their main criteria is image as that’s what their business is based on.

If you turn up to interviews smart and polite then your already half way there to getting the job. A simple 1 or 2 page resume is all you need unless you’re trying for a higher end job where more detail of experience and skills will probably be needed. Getting all your grammar and spelling right on your resume is important as it shows you are well educated and computer literate as it is not difficult to do a spell check. The language that you use is very important to promote yourself as a worker that will be a valuable asset to the company, such words as responsible, hardworking and polite. Employers just are often looking for someone they can trust and get on with so emphasise this in your resume.

Employment agencies are another outlet to look in to when wanting a job they often specialise in different industries like blue-collar work or admin work. These agencies can often be found in the yellow pages. An alternative way of finding a new job is to place an ad about your self somewhere based on your skills and experience.In conclusion all you need to do is show employers that you are willing to work and reliable and that should take you a long way.

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