Part Time jobs in Leeds

August 28th, 2009

As we approach the new the start of first term of University, many student living in the big cities will be thinking about finding part time jobs this includes. This includes part time jobs in Leeds, part time jobs in Manchester and part time jobs in Glasgow.

As the state of the economy continues to stay poor people are finding it difficult to maintain there jobs thus creating more competition for part time jobs. The sorts of jobs which used to be targeted by students and mums are now in competition with ex full time workers desperate for work. In this article I will guide you through some things you ought to know to get your feet firmly placed in a suitable job.

Remember employers of part time jobs aren’t looking for fancy qualifications so there’s no need to grind them out, on your CV or in your interview.Don‘t go back more than decade of your working past and despite how well you may have done previously don’t go into great detail about it. When talking about your previous experience just split up in simple sections there’s no need to over complicate things.

Age is a massive factor in determining where you look for a job as early as 26 you can be ruled out for being a possible candidate for a job. First impressions are key to the outcome of how an interview goes as you will be judged throughout the rest of the interview by your first encounter.

The internet is the best source you can use to find jobs, an effective way is to go on Google and search part time jobs in (your city).

Going from door to door of different places of work asking if any job vacancies can sometimes be the way of acquiring a new part time job.A good tactic is to ask to see the manager for any job openings as this will show you have lots of confidence and initiative.

As mentioned before first impressions can be the difference between getting a job and not, so your appearance must be top notch. Many part time jobs out there are in retail, hotels and bars and the way potential applicants look is a main priority as they are the ones representing the businesses image.

Don’t worry about having an over complicated resume for most part time jobs they would prefer something more clear and simplistic. The most important thing to do is to make sure you are well groomed and personable. The worst thing you could probably do is have spelling and grammar mistakes as many employers automatically just discard your application straight away.The way you write your resume and the how you promote yourself is vital as you are trying to convey the sort of person you are and all your good qualities. The last thing an employer wants to do is employ someone who is going to show up late and be lazy.

To find work quickly there is no better place to look than an employment agency as they should be able to find you work within the week in a range of different agencies.An alternative way of finding a new job is to place an ad about your self somewhere based on your skills and experience.So remember don’t be rude or hostile all you need to have is good attitude and you should get any job you want.

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