Motives For Remaining In Your Present Job And The Troubles With Starting A New One

August 24th, 2010

There are plenty of reasons why people can decide to leave their current Careers, there’s the possibility that they’ve discovered something better or maybe the job just isn’t what they’d hoped for. Deciding to resign is usually the easy way out of an unpleasant position, there’s plenty of New careers on offer out there, so why put up with a bad one? But why not stop and consider the other side of the argument, reasons why you should continue in the job. This is usually something overlooked due to what was said before, it’s often easier to simply leave. Remaining in your present role can have its benefits though, no doubt it does vary depending on your circumstances, but you shouldn’t be so quick to rule it out. Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons why you may want to give it a second chance, it would undoubtedly be easier than searching for new Career ideas.

The first possible reason for staying is for a chance at development. Certainly this is very situational, but if you’ve worked in the job a while, you should have gained some recognition, placing you in a decent position to think about progressing. If you start applying for New careers, you’ll be right back at the beginning and have to work your way up again, while if you continue your present role and put the effort in, you may end up in a better paid position. Even if you don’t see yourself working in the company long term, promotion to a better role will look good on your CV and boost your chances at finding a better career later in life.

A second reason people can choose to stay in their existing Careers is for the familiarity. If you’ve been there a while, odds are you have made a few decent friends and are comfortable with the work. It can sometimes be difficult trying to fit in with a new job, both the people and the work are unfamiliar and it can take a while to settle in. By remaining at your present job you know what you’re doing and you probably have someone to turn to if you ever needed help. People usually don’t like change, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the biggest reasons people keep at a job.

Finally, another big reason for sticking out a job and avoiding the search for New careers is job security. This is a big reason for someone with a family, as you can’t guarantee a new job will go as planned and you could end up failing a probationary period and being out of work all together. This is a big downside to searching for new Career ideas as the work could be entirely different to what you were used to before and have a difficult learning curve. If you can’t adapt to the new position you’ll be right back at the beginning looking for new work. If you’ve been in your present role for a while you’re probably considered valuable, it makes business sense to keep seasoned members of staff rather than bring in new ones.

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