Model Posing That is Fast, Fun, and Easy to Learn

June 25th, 2009

Training to be a model is not a simple task but it can be very simple if you apply the right tools. To learn to model is to combine lots of dedication and hard work into weeks and months of difficult training just to get a snapshot. Probably the most difficult variable of modeling is the poses. Posing means everything at the end of a runway or in an action filled picture. Your pose and personality say everything. modeling can also be easy to pick up but it takes a lot of hard work as well. A model DVD is a great way to learn new modeling poses.

Turning your body into a position, quickly without hesitation, is not exactly easy. It takes a long time to learn how to get comfortable with your body and to learn how to move it into whatever a photographer tells you to move it. Model posing is difficult and it can look really weird at first, but once you can learn the basic poses the job is simple. Basic poses consist of a lot of facial movement as well. While putting your face into an appropriate position, you also have to learn to make different positions as well. Many people have issues when taking pictures where they think they are moving or making a pose, but really, they are standing still. This is not good, but it can easily be fixed.

One thing that helps when learning how to pose for modeling is to think of it like a dance. Think of it as still frames during a dance and each pose is like a pause in the middle of a dance move. Try practicing with music on. The music gives you a good beat to follow and that can also put you in the right mood to be comfortable posing. Model posing is much different from picture posing in that, as a model, you are capturing a moment, usually in the middle of an action. Its not like a planned picture moment with a perfect smile, but usually like a story inside of a picture.

It can also help to watch other people pose for a picture. In doing this, you are learning by observing and then you may be able to re-create the pose by yourself or even make it your own so that it is completely original. It is also a good idea to flaunt whatever assets you have. If you have a curvy tummy rather than a flat tummy, use your stomach to make your pictures better. Use certain angles when you stand so that your tummy is a good thing rather than a nuisance. The use of your body in different forms for pictures is very helpful for self-esteem and self-confidence issues as well.

Model posing is not extremely easy but it can be easy if you are ready to learn how to model. If you are ready to dedicate yourself and to work hard down a long hard through lots of difficult tasks, then you may be ready for a modeling career. Even if it never works out though, don’t be discouraged, it is an intimidating industry that can often be hard to work through successfully.

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