Miss Cold Weather With Teaching Jobs Abroad

December 28th, 2009

There are two types of humans; those who love cold weather and those that absolutely do not. playing in the snow, building snowmen and making angels is a fun day for some people. There are some however that avoid cold weather like the plague, staying inside for three months of the year in front of the fire not thinking about dark days and cold nights.

Teaching jobs abroad are a way that many of the cold-phobes escape Britain during winter to take up in warmer climates and earn enough to be able to resist the winter weather the whole year round.

To teach English to speakers of other languages you do not have to have trained and qualified as a professional teacher. You just need to have taken and passed a TEFL or TESOL course by completing a number of hours teaching in a classroom and passing some exams and coursework. Then you have the freedom to apply for TEFL jobs around the globe.

China, South America and The Caribbean are among the most popular locations for TEFL teachers to visit as they are hot when it is cold back home. Africa is a country that needs more and more English teachers too.

These countries have a different way of life than Britain and so it can feel like you are on holiday when you go to work as an English teacher. However there is hard work to be done and you will only get a good teaching job if you can demonstrate your passion and ability.

Teaching jobs abroad differ in every country that you visit. You might have a job where there are small class sizes and few teaching hours so that you can relax for more time than you are teaching. Others are much stricter on their foreign employees however, especially if you are working for a state run school. Your pupils will be tested to see whether you have taught them well and standards are high.

Teaching jobs abroad could become a standard part of your year if you can find a job at home that will support you. For career people this might be hard as there are few employers who will let their staff take three months of time off every year.

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