Looking For Jobs On The Internet Why Recruitment Websites Are Not Necessarily The Answer

September 17th, 2010

When you input the keywords “online jobs” into a search engine, the greater part of the suggestions will be websites specialising in listing jobs. In fact, this is a major and increasingly popular type of Internet business, which has to a great extent displaced newspapers and agencies as a means of advertising jobs. Unfortunately, not all the posts shown on such websites may be all that they seem, and many indeed seem to have a somewhat vague existence. For those disillusioned with chasing such jobs, there exists a quite distinct type of online jobs that is obtainable, jobs that are literally “online” as they enable you to work from home undertaking Internet business by means of your home Internet connection.

The online jobs boards are principally managed by employment agencies, that have moved into Internet business as the latest means of publicising vacancies. These sites may make it seem that there is a higher number of vacancies than there really is. A lot of jobs are posted on the website of more than one agency. These can easily be spotted, since the requirements resemble each other albeit couched in different styles depending on the individuals who penned the ads. Should you spot the advert on one website, and send an application, what’s the point of applying for the same job a second time via another website.

Then there are some inexplicable jobs that are repeatedly re-advertised. I have sent my CV for jobs shown on some online jobs websites, and assumed I was unsuccessful as I received no response . Now, if the employer was overwhelmed by the number of resumes received, so that they had no time to send replies to everybody, no problem. But if that was the case, it’s a fair bet that from the dozens of applicants they heard from, one or more might be selected who was suitable for the job. Surprisingly it seems nobody was good enough, as the job then gets re-listed on the boards, in some cases repeatedly. Therefore I do ask myself, what could possibly be occurring in such cases?

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to believe that at the height of a joblessness crisis, with dozens of applications for every advertised opening, employers can’t find somebody they can offer the job to?

If truth be told, I believe that many of these vacancies are fake. A recruitment consultant told me that a lot of employers and agencies use such adverts to harvest CVs. Then if in the future they really do have a vacant position, they have wide knowledge of the range of skills that are available among jobskeekers, and can assess the salary level they can set the job at.

Many online jobs websites give you the option to start regular emails, so that you will be regularly emailed about vacancies that correspond to your requirements. All too often the vacancies sent to you will be completely unsuitable, and not something you would have any chance of being offered, even if you applied. From a certain site which is supposed to provide information on opportunities in my locality, I am repeatedly sent updates about positions in Jersey! If I could work from home in a form of Internet business logging into a distant office, that might be possible, but not if I am required to sell my house and go to live there.

So, what about that other form of online jobs which I referred to? Most of these are in a self-employed capacity, however they do provide a genuine chance to make money, and instead of seeking posts with a fairly shadowy existence it is worth your while to consider investing in viable Internet business openings in association with reputable companies, and work from home to gain the basic training and start up a profitable business. But should anyone prefer to put their faith in the online jobs boards, I wish them all the best in distinguishing the genuine posts from positions of more tenuous existence.

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