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April 27th, 2009

Searching for Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales jobs is not always an easy task. From newspapers to online job boards, it’s hard to even know where to start. Search and apply for 1000s of sales vacancies in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and throughout the world. Every vacancy in every business sector.

Job seekers will appreciate the listings of vacancies. You can search the vacancies by location, date or other features. Jobs range from top-level institutional and organizational management to personnel who manage the day-to-day flow of administrative activities in EVERY health care organization or setting. Explore our job listings for more information. Jobs are listed in order, starting with your most recent position. Education and computer skills are listed at the bottom.

A Medical Sales career is one of the most lucrative sales job and worthwhile for new graduates. The jobs will mean getting involved with customers, health professionals, and sell new products to help them cope with medical matters. Medical Sales representatives are employed by pharmaceutical companies to promote medicines to doctors and pharmacists. You are largely your own boss. Medical sales representatives must therefore be professional, unquestionably scrupulous and highly skilled in their ability to learn and convey technical product information in a truthful but convincing manner. The representative must also be knowledgeable of, and sensitive and adherent to the policies and protocols – both written and unwritten – that are unique to hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

Companies today are relying increasingly on their sales organizations as engines of growth and productivity. The Company Sales role has never been more difficult customers are more demanding, products more sophisticated, competitors more . Companies like GAP, Pottery Barn, and Macy’s are aggressively seeking out part-time holiday job seekers. These companies have the understanding that job seekers applying for these positions are temporary.

Pharmaceutical sales compensation employs the “golden handcuffs” technique. Sales representatives are given better-than-average salaries, a bonus plan for increased prescriptions written (based on a territory, district, region or company wide increase), a company car, excellent benefits and attractive perks (national sales conventions, exotic trips for top-achieving reps, etc.).

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative lavish high-prescribers with attention, gifts, and unrestricted ?educational? Cardiologists and other specialists write relatively few prescriptions, but are targeted because specialist prescriptions are perpetuated for years by primary care physicians, thus affecting market share. Repeat customers weren’t any happier. Except for a very few who remembered their login information, most stumbled on the form.

Salespeople are a company’s ambassadors to the world. They actively promote the company and its products and services. Salespeople who aren’t producing not only cost you money, they drag down the performance of your whole organization. You may not pay them very much, but why pay them anything? Salespeople today are customizing virtually every sales presentation. Your resume should be tailored to the industry and company.

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