Looking For A Job? You Must Consult With Career Coach

November 16th, 2009

If you just in the beginning of the job search, wish a different one or simply seek to get more satisfaction in your current position you should consult a career coach. This professional will make discover new things about yourself and the work environment you will find most comfortable for yourself. All these discoveries can be translated into palpable career choices that will satisfy you at a deep level.

The field of career coaching is a fast-paced process of exploring and analysing work-related issues, which will lead you to effective action towards your goal. . The coach plays the role of a catalyst and facilitator for an individual.

People working as a career coach connect people with their values, purpose, passion and other essential aspects of their dream job. Working with your career coach will bring you very important career management skills, which can be used in your future endeavours . One of the aspects a career coach is going to teach you is a process of developing and implementing a job search plan. The outcome for this cooperation include improved client’s self-awareness, boldness about their life purpose and goals, effective time management and overall enhancing of life quality and self-esteem.

One of the characteristics of coaching is interactivity. The so-called “focused interaction” is practiced very often, when the coach asks clients probing questions concerning their goals and challenges and how they wish to be assisted in moving ahead. In turn, people respond quickly and simultaneously notice their own insights and statements.

The work between a coach and a client can also include the exploration of career direction of the latter, his/her job search techniques, such as compiling of CV, motivation letter, etc. Depending on the situation your work satisfaction and career development planning can be analysed and improved.

The learning process goes in three levels: beliefs, identity and behaviour . A coach as a facilitator should remain objective and unbiased avoiding getting caught up in clients issues and in the same time moving him/her toward their goal.

It should be noted that persuasion of directing the client to an ideal and fulfilling job is what sets apart a job coach and common career counsellors and employment agencies. The latter overlook life purpose and deep motivators of a person. And since the majority of people change careers many times during their lifetime, the concentration on the ideal job could make the critical difference in work quality and life of the career coach’s client.

Coaching begins with the step-by-step process when the client starts recognising a purpose in his/her life and is willing to make the work satisfying. Many exercises exists that help people to realise their purpose and practise it through work. Only then work becomes an exciting and challenging environment.

Learn how a job coach can help you with all sorts of things, starting from the job search up to the creation of your career freedom. Hire Dusty Rollins to be your job coach and you will see what new horizons a professional job coach can show you.

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