Loan Modification Help with Hardship Letter Will approve loan modifciation quickly

May 1st, 2009

When completing a attorney loan modification with your lender, one of the items your lender will ask for during the Loan Mod process is a hardship letter.

What is a hardship letter?

A hardship letter is a written explanation as to what “event” has caused you to fall behind on your mortgage. This is your chance to explain to your lender exactly why you think you need to be given a modification. This letter is much like an outline or biography of your current “life” situation(s) that are affecting your ability to meet your mortgage payments. It is critical that you communicate, in your own words, exactly what has been going on that caused you to fall behind or about to fall behind. There is no reason to be reserved when doing this.

When writing these letters be as direct as possible and stress the key situations that have occurred. As banks have gone out of business, stopped lending, and increased foreclosures have the existing banks back logged in work. That is why these modifications take 60 to 90 days. Usually 1 or 2 pages are more than enough to get your point across. With a moderately sized, very concisely crafted Loan Mod hardship letter you can greatly increase your chances at getting approved for your loan workout and save your home from foreclosure by reducing your monthly payment.

When it comes to writing these letters and conveying your situation to the lender it may seem very difficult. It may be difficult as a homeowner to express all of your hardships. This is why seeking out an experienced loan modification agency can benefit you as a homeowner, someone that has experience with these letters and what the lenders need to see. A professional will be able to listen to your situation and craft a highly effective hardship letter for you to be presented by an Attorney on your behalf to your lender.
Some of the most commonly used reasons cited in a hardship letter include Divorce and more.

Don’t let thousands of dollars in savings pass you by because your hardship letter does not communicate the cause of your financial stress! It is important to spend the time and energy in this process, as completing a Loan Mod package to your best ability will go a long way in savings for you and your family. It is not just the financial savings; it is also the emotional peace that will come when knowing that all is handled in the modification process by an experience Attorney that can represent you. Your family can rest assure that your situation will be handled with great care and expertise.

Should you wish to have an Attorney backed Loan Modrepresent you please loan modification application!

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