Jobs Vacancies And Writing The Resume

January 19th, 2010

The job market is very competitive and you need to use all your skills to make sure you get noticed by employers. Below you will find some tips to standing out in the job market and getting hired in the job if your dreams. The first thing to remember is to relate your CV to the jobs vacancies and not present a general piece of information on yourself.

Your CV
When you apply for jobs, your CV will be the most important tool you have to use. your CV is the only way that you can tell the employer you are the right person for the job and should be given an interview to demonstrate your skills.

The work experience that you list on your CV alone will influence half of all employers to give you an interview or not. Another third of all employers will take the layout of the CV into consideration when choosing who to give an interview to.

1. Make Your CV Concise and Relevant
Avoid making your CVs too long. It will turn the employer off reading it. Remember that the employer is a person to whom time is important. You need to show that you value the readers time and tell them the most important information.

2. Always tailor your CV to the job.
Do not list any previous work you have done where it is not relevant to the role you have applied for. You can write different CVs for different types of jobs. one CV will not be appropriate for every job you apply for. you need to make sure you show enthusiasm for the role instead of listing ever job you have ever had that does not relate to it in any way.

3. Write about your achievements
You can include experience and achievements that you have gained out of work whilst making them relevant to the position. It does not do harm to advertise yourself, but make your advertisement matter-of-fact and not just hot air. however make sure you do not list any weak points to your job skills as this will make you stand out for the wrong reasons.

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