Jobs Obtainable In Journalism, And Various Ways You Can Gain Entry To Them.

August 22nd, 2010

Have you ever thought about Careers in journalism? Maybe you have wondered what qualifications would be needed of you if you were to swap Careers and move into journalism. Or, perhaps you are seeking New careers you could have a go at, and one of the Career ideas you have thought about is journalism, and you would like a bit more information on this particular role. Here we have some information on what it takes to start out as a journalist, and how you can set about becoming one. This information will be handy for anyone looking at New careers, or just wanting some Career ideas, whether you’re a school leaver, graduate or someone looking to change Careers.

Journalists can work in lots of different areas – there are a lot of Careers within journalism you can select from. You may possibly be writing for a magazine, a newspaper, online publication, or a radio or television broadcaster. Your key duty will be to gather information on current occurrences and issues. Initially you will probably be writing for a small, local broadcaster or newspaper, so the stories you report on will commonly reflect this. You will be writing stories and issues that affect the local community. As you develop in your career though, you can certainly end up travelling the world to report on occurrences outside of the U.K. that may have an impact on us.

As a journalist you will be required to work to tight deadlines, but your work will also be expected to be spellchecked, and well written. If you are writing for a magazine you will more than likely get more time to work on feature articles that will be printed in the magazine. As a journalist you will likely end up teamed with another professional such as a photographer or TV crew, though a lot of journalists will take their own photos to go with the pieces that they are working on.

In order to get into journalism, the absolute minimum entry requirements are 5 G.C.S.E.s, including English. However, just obtaining these is generally not enough to get a job in journalism – rivalry for this job can be pretty fierce. In order to grant yourself the greatest possible chance, you can take higher education courses, including journalism at degree level, in order to improve your odds of becoming a journalist. However, sometimes even having a degree will not be enough to give you an edge over other potential candidates – if possible you need to get as much work experience as you can. Assemble a portfolio of any work that you manage to get published. Try volunteering to work for places like hospital radio, student radio or small local newspapers. The better the experience you have, the more appealing you will seem to possible employers.

So as you can see, gaining acceptance into Careers in journalism can be quite difficult, however it can be a very dynamic and pleasing career for people. You will be needed to work irregular hours, but once you get yourself an established career with say a national newspaper, you can expect a salary of around

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