You Will Be Able To Find A Job With These Job Search Recommendations

November 30th, 2009

During an active job search it’s tremendously important not lose your hope and stay motivated no matter what. The following recommendations will hopefully help you in achieving your goals and land the job you want.

1. Define your enemies that discourage you in a job hunt. And your enemies are lack of control, constant rejection and failure. It’s essential to realise that all these factors shouldn’t affect your motivation and self-esteem.

2. Focus on your future. Don’t waste your time thinking about your previous employer. Every time you look backwards you are being sucked into unnecessary contemplation that won’t give you anything.

3. Put a stress on your strong sides. Although, it is in a human nature to spend much more time thinking about our own weaknesses than strong sides, you should remember that to get a job you need to focus on your strengths.

4. Envision your goal. It’s not enough to have a goal of “getting a job”. Envision it, in every detail.

5. Be prepared. Drill your interview, update/improve your CV, receive a reasonable job search, career counseling and help. Bear in mind that “good enough” is never enough.

6. Networking. The fact is that around 70% of jobs are found through personal contacts, i.e. former colleagues, friends, friends of friends, etc. On the contrary, less than 10% of jobs are obtained via the Internet. Hence, what are your reasons of spending 95% of your time online?

7. Challenge your excuses. It’s the same thing every time we need to do something very important – we make excuses. Challenge them and break the habit – make step forward and make a call now and not when you’re “in the mood”.

8. Don’t give up. While landing a job you really want, you will fail at number of occasions but that’s not the end of the world. Remember that the more potential employers you’ve gone through the better your chances of initially working with the one you want.

9. Keep up your professionalism. It’s essential to understand that being a professional is not the way people treat you but whether they recognise your skills. Manifest your professionalism in every detail. And remember that the most essential time to be a professional is when you are not being treated like one.

10. Compile a well-written CV and motivation letter. Highlight your achievements that resonate with the company’s business and interests. Decide what is the most important and put it in the first place. This can also boost your motivation.

11. Concentrate on your bottom-line value to the company. Of course, everyone talks about their skills and experiences, but companies employ because they need someone to resolve their issues and achieve certain goals. That’s what you should concentrate on.

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