Why You Should Hire An ATG Dynamo Jobs Developer

October 2nd, 2010

When thinking about developers and the acronyms that they carry I wonder how many people really understand their rolls. For instance, someone can be skilled as an ATG Dynamo developer while someone else has PHP programming talent.

So I started thinking. People would be interested in understanding these disciplines, right? This informative article about ATG developers and programmers is intended to be one of many that explore the world of programming.

Understanding what ATG Dynamo is all about is important: Per PC Mag ATG Dynamo is a family of e-commerce and CRM applications from Art Technology Group, Inc., Cambridge, MA. Part of ATG’s core marketing Adaptive Scenario Engine, Dynamo comprises a comprehensive set of Java-based products that enable an organization to deploy a fully-integrated customer management system (CRM) and Web site. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems integrate businesses and clients resulting in enhanced abilities to communicate effectively on all platforms.

Tool sets included within ATG Dynamo jobs:

  • Personalization
  • Merchandizing
  • Searchandizing
  • Scenario

Deployments within corporate settings for large scale company processes.

Job boards are always having openings for those who know the ATG framework. The following skills are needed for someone to be considered for ATG Dynamo jobs.

1. Experience with ATG e-commerce framework and suite.
2. Know-how of implementing eCommerce architectures for large corporate entities
3. Transition / Migration familiarity
4. Development of ATG modules within complex, time sensitive projects.

Experts in Java and Java Script may want to consider taking the path into the world of ATG development. People who are highly experienced in Java will discover many ways to advance their knowledge and career. ATG Dynamo jobs definitely are one possible trail. When asked, Resource Point LLC provided these points as examples of what businesses commonly look for when seeking ATG Dynamo programmers.

* 5 years of J2EE and Java programming experience
* 2 – 4 years of experience in implementing ATG 2007 based applications using Commerce, Personalization and Scenario servers.
* Solid comprehension of Java programming best practices
* Solid comprehension of JSP, AJAX, XML, XSLT and basic UI – Technologies
* Solid comprehension of distributed computing concepts
* Solid object oriented design and design patterns experience

Resource Point LLC identifies and secures the right Atg Dynamo Jobs programmers available to meet a corporation’s needs. More information about how http://ResourcePoint.net can help you with your Atg Dynamo project can be obtained by contacting Resource Point LLC who also covers IT recruiting services for companies desiring ColdFusion, BizTalk, SharePoint, TIBCO, WebLogic, AquaLogic, Siebel & SAP programmers.

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