Why Live With That Desk Clutter

September 4th, 2009

Does your day at the office start with a great hunt because something is always nowhere to be found? You scour all the drawers and leave no file unturned during this useless quest. As you get all clammy because themanager is becoming annoyed, you are ready to break down. Please, do yourself a favor; get a Desk Organizer before you get fired for inefficiency like me, sigh.

Get Your Act Together

A disorganized desk reveals a muddled mind. You are always the one who keeps misplacing and losing things. So you amble to the adjacent table to borrow a pen or a staple remover and again forget where you placed these. No wonder why people don’t and can’t trust you with their pens and staple removers.

I’ve learned too late that a person with a cluttered desk is not taken seriously by colleagues and the bad guys take advantage of this inefficiency. They snatch stuff from your desk when you’re not looking and they won’t bother to return it; well, you keep losing things anyway. I tell you, I have lost a lot of pens; losing or misplacing stuff increased my inefficiency and frustration. My life at work then was never easy.

Organizing your work desk is hard work if the mess dates back to Methuselah but with Desk Sets and Desk Accessories you can transform your messy desk to one that would be your secret pride and joy. Get on it on a weekend when no one’s about to taunt your sudden change of heart.

Be methodical or you’ll wear yourself out with little done. Start with the things you use most often – pen,phone book, post-its, stapler and staple remover, and letter opener. Store pens and pencils and post-its into a desk caddy and use your stapler and staple remover as paper weight on the top of the letter tray.

Letters should be arranged according to incoming and outgoing and those gathering dust should be arranged according to date and project type. Label all files and keep recent ones on the second top drawer for trouble-free access but keep a lock on it. With all things in their right places, don’t you feel lighter and better? I do wish I did all these things before I drove my boss crazy. Now it’s too late, but I’ll do better next time if I get the chance.

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