Why Learning Spanish In Spain Is Beneficial To The Learner?

February 12th, 2009

If you are a person who has been studying Spanish, but have not truly maximized their potential in terms of language aptitude then perhaps it may a wise move to take a trip south of the border and learn Spanish in Mexico. Now, keep in mind, the phrase “learn Spanish in Mexico” does not mean heading to Mexico City to take a course in Spanish in an anti-septic classroom.

Instead, “learn Spanish in Mexico” refers to simply visiting the country and conversing with the locals so as to increase one’s conversational skills. Sound simple? Well, if it does it is because it is! In fact, sometimes the simple methods are the best ways to gain progress. In fact, this immersion/travel/learning experience can yield far greater results than the traditional method that has commonly been employed to learn the language.

The Problem of Traditional Language Learning

One of the great problems with the way in which people commonly learn a foreign language is the fact that far too much of the learning process has become overly academic.

That is, the most common way people are introduced to learning a foreign language is in High School. The common method of teaching a foreign language is to spend a great deal of time studying grammar out of a text book.

The learning progression is based upon the curriculum set forth in the chapters of the corresponding textbook that is used as the basis for the course material. Then, in order to arrive at a conclusion as to what the student’s skill level is in terms of what the student has learned, a written test will be put forth.

While this is the established method of learning the language, none of what has previously been described here references actually speaking the language conversationally. This is somewhat perplexing because if the emphasis is not on conversation, then what is the value of learning the language?

Planning a Trip to Learn Spanish in Mexico

Now, traveling opting to learn Spanish in Mexico does not necessarily refer to heading to Mexico on your own. There are a number of language schools and even universities that provide such immersion programs.

So, those looking to seek a means of increasing their skill level in conversing in a language should explore such options as they contain far more potential for success than the tried and true traditional methods that have been commonly employed for years.

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