Ways to Get A Job as a Xbox 360 Game Tester

May 26th, 2010

You can not find a computer game testing career by searching for one at your neighborhood classified web site. The reality is that video game testing agencies do not publicize vacant jobs for a video game tester on classifieds. This is because they believe whenever they do this they are going to receive a large amount of applications from every day people wanting to test video games for entertainment, instead of taking them seriously. You have to actually make connections with designers. I do believe that getting in touch with designers is difficult nevertheless it is possible, so I encourage you try it out. Ask around and meet up with a designer, simply tell him about your desire of attempting to become a video game tester. Persuade him or her with the factors on the reason why you are going to make a good game tester. Let him know about the video games you’ve played, the particular consoles you own as well as the number of years you’ve already been gaming as well as the types of video games you play. For those who have actually discovered any bug when playing video games, let him know about this.

I assume you already know the function of the video game tester. The function of the video game tester will be to find bugs in pre-released video games before they are delivered to the market. It’s not a simple job nevertheless, you may become one if you put more work in to it. It may be exciting too because of it’s numerous rewards. You will be given compensation for virtually every bug you detect in the video games you test as well as the original salary you might be paid.

When you land a testing job, do not waste your time on the project given to you. Chances are that you will test them at home or their facilities. Re-test the video games twice, if at all possible three times to see that you are not leaving any bug lurking behind. When you are through with it, write what you found out in the report and send it to the designer which issued you the testing job. Be sure you cross check the report prior to sending them back to the designer. Time is money, therefore don’t waste time on any game you are given to test. Game testing is a professional job, and that means you should treat it like one. With luck, your testing will impress them and you will get more testing jobs. The payment is decent however more experience you develop; the more you will be paid. Compensation is normally by check and it’s normally bi-weekly.

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