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October 13th, 2009

The UK is currently experiencing one of the worst recorded recessions, which has unfortunately lead to a huge increase in the number of people out of work. Sadly there simply aren’t enough jobs to go round and even advertisements for the most menial jobs are attracting significant numbers of applicants.

One area of the recruitment insdustry that is seeing some growth during the current crisis is the temporary jobs market. This stands to reason, as it is in the interest of recruiting companies to minimise the risk of taking on new employees by offering short fixed-term contracts. The number and type of Temp Jobs Leeds and other big cities are seeing is significantly higher than previous years.
Many recruiting companies, having seen the clamour for even the most low profile positions on offer, have taken advantage of the situation by only offering minimum wage. Even then, it has done little to discourage job seekers.

Temporary jobs have historically been a short-term fallback for those unfortunate people who find themselves unemployed or a stop gap for graduates, but even the temp jobs market has been saturated of late. In fact many of the people currently employed in temporary administration and call centre jobs are graduates and people who have previously held positions of greater responsibility. Although these roles are certainly not making the most of the individual’s skills and experience, they should still count themselves very lucky to have any sort of meaningful employment at all. After all, unemployment levels are at their highest since 1995, with 2.5 million UK residents unable to find work.

A recent story covered in the media highlights the competition for work in major cities. The story told of a temporary secretarial position in Central Leeds that received 35 applicants.
A representative from the recruitment agency, who specialise in Leeds Temp Jobs, said “Naturally we’re seeing higher numbers of applicants for every position we advertise, but this was unbelievable. The job was city centre-based which makes it quite appealing anyway but that’s definitely the first time we’ve had so many people apply for a secretarial position.”

Of course the country will recover as it has done from previous recessions, and when it does confidence will return and the job market will be buoyant once again. This doesn’t mean that everyone will go back to earning the same salaries they were earning before the recession, however. With such a vast pool of candidates to choose from, recruiters will still be able to offer lower salaries and less comprehensive benefits packages to successful applicants.

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