The Rarely Heard Truth Concerning Earning Money Participating In Paid Surveys

March 7th, 2010

It is very unlikely that you can become rich doing paid surveys, regardless of what a large amount of web adverts say; however, it is feasible to make a fair extra income by completing paid surveys. So be skeptical of all those review sites suggesting paid surveys as one of their ten best home based business ideas and get the truth here instead.

The 1st thing you have to do is find a few reputable sites. This will entail doing research and background investigations on the various corporations out there claiming to have paid surveys available for you to complete. A few short searches will turn up any negative history the company may have had in the past, and you’ll also likely find user reviews in the numerous forums available on the subject of paid surveys.

You will also have to do research on the kinds of rewards that these firms offer, and decide if they are the kinds you would like. Some firms offer small monetary payments on completion of surveys, others offer points that are redeemable for prizes, and some offer the opportunity to enter a draw for a giant prize. If youare solely interested in money, you may be limited as to which firms you can choose from.

Other considerations are the privacy policies of the company are they going to give out your e-mail to any and everyone? Are you eligible based on where you reside and your other personal information? Do they have a FAQ section that sheds any light on certain policies that the corporation has that could possibly affect your willingness to sign up with them?

Once you’ve located firms that are suitable, go through the sign-up process, providing honest info about yourself so that the relevant paid surveys can be paired with you. Youwill also likely get asked to do a screener test, where info that you provide is used to decide whether you are an appropriate applicant or not. This screener is mostly not paid, but you could get the opportunity to enter a draw for a prize.

Ideally, set up a separate e-mail account that you use only for paid surveys, and check it regularly on a daily basis or perhaps more frequently. Set up accounts with as many reputable sites as you can, because success with paid surveys depends on volume and the types of surveys that you get sent. The more corporations that have access to you, the more paid surveys youwill have access to.

Once you receive a paid survey, complete it as quickly and as totally as you can. Treat taking the survey like a job and do it as well as possible. Send back the completed survey as fast as you can, to show that there is a fast turnaround when working with you. This will give you the chance to more quickly receive extra surveys from the same company, and with time you will become more trusted.

Making a decent income through paid surveys is just like anything else: it takes proper preparation and dedication to find success. And though you shouldn’t give up your day job right away, paid surveys can create extra income for you.

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