The Perfect Job Interview

January 17th, 2009

Even though job interviews have been presentfor over a hundred years, it still astounds me how only a few get to be really prepared for the occasion. The oldest mistakes are still present and confidence is still a thing that needs to be improved drastically. I devised a few wayson how to really amaze and impress your interviewer or panel. These have worked for me for several different job interviews I was in until now when I myself am the one doing the interview.

Knowing the Company

I make it a point to study many times before the interview. I seekfor the company web site online then read and review their mission, vision and background. It is also one way of determining how your own objectives and goals coincide with the group you intend to join. You have to find out the exact persons who will be interviewing you.

In most cases today, several interviewers are well-known individuals in the company or are in top positions who have already appeared in seminars, forums and summits. Find out the college they went to or even the typeof laptop briefcases they possess. You might be surprised about the variety of questions these experts can throw at you.

Getting Ready

Make it a point to appear sharp and ready. Prepare your clothes several nights before and wear only safe colors that provide a good impression but not too much to shock the panel. A suit and tie will sufficefor the men while a briefcase for women will be enough to appear professional. If you are traveling to a different city for the interview, you may want to avail of a rolling briefcase for added convenience and ease of use.

I always prepare answers for the most likely questions like “Why do you want this job?”, “Tell me about yourself” and “What qualities do you have that will be useful for this company?” Having the answers beforehand always helped me breeze through interviews. Give a short pause before giving out your answers though, as if you have to think about them for a quick while. It is also possiblethat someone will ask you very farfetched questions like “How do they put peanut butter in chocolates?” These are only made to test how you react in critical situations. Stay cool and relax then give out the best answer that you can.
Know What You Want

If you are truly interested in the job, you should give the impression that you at least have adequate knowledge about the topics and questions. Read more books about the position you are applying for and talk to other people who have experienced being in the position. Also prepare your expectations and a coupleof questions to show concern and interest about the company and your possible future job.

Always be ready to say the salary range you want, work hours and other features that you want to be included in your job. It will be much easier to deal and negotiate if you are specific about the details. severalof your bosses will also appreciate the idea that you are straightforward and direct in your objectives. Maintain a friendly, humble and confident attitude and you will surely land the job.

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