The Explanations For Why Some Businesses Are Using Different Types Of Models

November 25th, 2009

The most current tendency in advertising is to have people in the ads that look like the consumers the company is trying to sell their product to, but yet have each person in the ad look unique at the same time. Plenty of corporations are turning to Seattle models to fulfill their needs. Seattle modeling is the newest, trendiest place for finding unique people that companies are looking for to place in their advertisements. Some of the reasons why businesses are trying to hire more unique looking and plus-sized individuals is because they want to make their product unique, while also hiring people that look like their customers. This article lists a few motives behind why businesses are trying to hire all different types of people to be in their ad campaigns:

1. Research has shown that consumers like to get their products from people in advertisements that look similar to them. For example, a customer who is in great physical condition probably wouldn’t want to buy fitness equipment if the person in the advertisement is over weight. So, almost always, businesses involved with the health and fitness industry want to hire individuals who are in excellent physical condition for their advertisements.

2. Also, in recent years, companies have started to separate their consumers into very small groups to make advertising easier. For instance, segment of specific customers for a company will most likely be different from city to city. For example, in Los Angeles, there is a much bigger Hispanic population compared to a city like Chicago. Because of this audience segmenting, businesses feel like the need to find people to be in different advertisements for each segment. Another way of looking at segmenting is geographic location. Those individuals who live on the west coast relate better to company who has uses models that look like there are from the west coast, rather than the east coast in look and style.

3. Another recent trend companies have begun to follow is the trend of appearing to be “cool.” Most businesses want their products to seem like they are the newest, hottest thing in the market. In order to look cool, businesses must to hire individuals for their advertisements that are young and unique looking, to differentiate their product from all of the others. Very few businesses want to have their product seem like it is thought to be trendy by normal looking people.

Most businesses today are trying to contract with people who look like their customers in order to relate to them, while still looking unique at the same time to make their product seem “cool.” It has become more and more challenging for companies to find people for the ads that have both of those qualities, which is partially why companies are broadening their qualifications. For example, more plus-sized models are in demand because they look like some companies’ consumers and there are many plus-sized models that have a special kind of look. It will be interesting to see all of the unique marketing campaigns that come out of this trend of hiring all different types of people for each company’s ads.

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