The Different Types of Jobs That Exist In The Armed Forces, And The Qualifications And Training You Will Require To Sign Up.

June 13th, 2010

Of all the careers existing to people, joining the Army looks like one of the most scary decisions an individual can make. I have been considering different career ideas recently, and careers in the Army popped up. Now, of all the New Careers I could genuinely contemplate taking, I do not believe joining the army is one of them really. All the new careers I have check out have involved working from home, so I can be my own boss. Careers in the Army look like the last thing to be picking when you want to be your own boss. However, I was intrigued, and decided to do a little bit research. I did some research, and was stunned to find life in the Army did not look anything like I expected.

If you are stumped for Career ideas, then the Army really does have a lot to offer. I realised that the Army wasn’t all about marching about and pointing guns at things, obviously they require their administration needs and healthcare needs taking care of. I did not understand, however, the complete scope of the variety of careers they have on offer. Upon doing some research on their website, I found that the Army divides the careers available through them into 7 groups: Engineering, Combat, Logistics and Support, Intelligence, IT and Comms, HR and Finance, Medical, and finally Music and Ceremonial. I opted at first to look at the Intelligence, IT and Comms section. One of the first jobs that was listed was to become an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator. This job requires using the latest technology to eavesdrop on enemy communications, intercepting and disrupting them and providing intelligence to combat units. To me that sounded pretty daunting, and very military. I was a tad surprised to read on that after the initial training you could move on to take on an NVQ, or Foundation Apprenticeship. That sounded a little less scary.

Another career that I viewed was one of the careers that I would never have thought existed within the Army. A Linguistic officer to work in educational and training services. These officers have to use their skills in the field to translate enemy intel, but then they also must have the capacity to teach new languages to other Army recruits. Then I discovered another, less glamorous sounding but I’m willing to bet just as significant as any other job in the Army – Laundry Operator. These people do not just wash clothes however, they provide sterilisation support to field hospitals, showering facilities for troops, and they also play a role in decontamination facilities.

I also learned a bit about Army life in general, and you aren’t just restricted to barracks, and sometimes let out on weekends as I had thought. Once the initial training is complete, recruits work a conventional 9 ‘til 5 Monday to Friday, and get their weekends and evenings to do what they like. Assuming of course they aren’t on deployment. I still don’t really believe it’s for me, but it offered some interesting insight on a wide variety of careers I had not given much thought to in the past.

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