The Different Types Of Careers That Are Available With The Police And Ways You Can Apply For Them.

June 3rd, 2010

For those of you with an interest in New careers, but looking to do something different, then maybe you should look to the police force for some interesting Career ideas. There are a wide range of Careers existing in the police force. There are of course the more obvious careers, such as being a police officer! Then there are lesser known Careers. There are also a wide selection of New careers offered in the form of support roles. I am going to look at just some of the Careers on offer, and maybe you will get some new Career ideas from this.

Of course, the main career of choice within the police is to become a police officer. To become a police officer, you need to be made of stern material. You will be there to supply a reassuring presence within the community, so you should have confidence. You will be supporting victims of crime, and defending people from crime and violence. You will also be investigating crimes, using new technology, old fashioned know-how and your own abilities to resolve problems and crimes. As a result, this is a very thrilling job, which will require a lot of hard work from you. It can be an amazingly rewarding experience however.

If you think maybe becoming a full-blown police offer sounds a bit too dramatic and exciting for you, but you still want to give something back to the community, or you still want to work for the police, then you should contemplate becoming a police community support officer. This is generally a full-time waged role, although pcso’s do not have the same powers as police. They are there to see to minor offences, and act as a deterrent to put a stop to offences being committed. They can also assist with door to door enquiries, and guarding crime scenes. You will still need to have a good deal of confidence, but the work will not be quite as dramatic.

If you are not interested at all in patrolling the streets, or maybe you are of a nervous disposition, or lack the confidence to deal with unruly behaviour, then there are support roles that still need filling to help the police force run smoothly. For example, you could become an analyst, looking at data and using it to help solve and cut crime rates in areas. An analyst will help police choose how to target particular problem areas to help cut crime. This is chiefly a desk job, but you will still be contributing to the efficient running of the force and the effective operation of strategies to reduce crime. Another career option available is to become a call handler, to handle enquiries as they come through. This doesn’t have to be a 999 operator – the police forces have non-emergency numbers too that need manning, so people can report minor crimes such as vandalism.

To apply for any of these jobs, the best option is to go to the website of the particular force you wish to join. There they have a full list of the demands, what they require from you, and also what benefits you will get from joining up. By doing this you are certain to come across some useful Career ideas which will help you give back to your local community, and help you do some good.

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