The Age Of Miracles And Wonders: How Technology Has Revolutionised The Possibilities For Your Working Life

August 4th, 2010

When the first man set foot on the moon, it was memorably hailed as a “giant leap” for humanity, and that is without a doubt true. And yet the last century saw a second giant step for mankind. That was the vast increase in our communications ability. From being restricted to horse-drawn transport, and normally needing face-to-face encounters for instant communication, people can today travel across the globe in less than a day, perform instant Internet business via the Web, and work from home in online jobs in which we can talk directly to people all over the world.

Recall the bygone era of gas lights and stagecoaches. People had to meet up to negotiate crucial business, often travelling for hours along dangerous roads to get to the appointed meeting place. It was vital to agree all issues at such a meeting, the sole chance for businessmen to have a simultaneous conversation. Matters that were not covered at a meeting became known as a ‘hangover’ (it is of interest to observe how this word has changed its meaning since that time).

Nowadays, people continue to hold meetings, but it is now possible to settle issues via email. In addition, meetings can take place between people thoughout the globe, through telephone conference and also video links. This makes it much less vital for people to be together in the same location. It’s not a significant disadvantage if people work from home. This situation has created a new sector of online jobs, where people can start up an Internet business and use the Web to buy or sell goods and services, or in fact develop new Internet technologies.

While on the subject of transport improvements, I should mention in passing that the average speed of traffic in London has not changed since 1900. When commuters used horses, a velocity of 9mph was the norm. Nowadays it is no different. We have the technology to drive at 100mph in our little tin boxes, and yet pinned in London congestion, we still manage the same speed as in 1900.

The next time you see a queue of cars in a traffic jam, study the people driving and ask yourself if they seem to be having a good time. In effect, they are wasting their lives – they can do nothing but sit and wait for the traffic to start moving again. when you decide to work from home in an Internet business it’s possible to make every minute of the day productive, since the only jam you’ll come across is the jam you put on your butties for tea.

Of course, what is essential for succeeding in online jobs is a fast and continuous Internet connection. The Web itself has rapidly grown in scope, so that for instance the YouTube video site two years ago took up as much bandwidth as the entire Internet ten years ago. And yet Internet services have improved in equal measure. I remember just ten years ago, when I had to have a dial-up modem, and my itemised telephone bills were pretty high. In 2010 you can buy unlimited broadband connections from most ISPs, for an affordable monthly cost.

It is also important to set aside a period in the day and place for doing business. It would be easy to fall to the temptation of surfing the web rather than focussing on Internet business matters that should help you make a profit. With no manager to keep an eye on you, self-discipline is important. It is also advisable to reserve one place in your home as an office in which you can work without disturbance.

Internet business openings aren’t guaranteed to turn you into the next person to fly to the moon. But they will allow you to work from home, earn a decent crust and greatly increase your personal happiness.

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