Teaching English As A Second Or Foreign Language As An Experienced Worker

October 18th, 2009

Many adults are finding themselves out of a job for the first time since they started working. Although the recent news stories have heavily emphasised the number of young people now unemployed in Britain, there is a large number of 40-50 year olds taking an unsolicited career break too. However this group is coming up with diverse ways to get back into employment.

Without the security of their old job, these people are more willing to try a totally new career that they have always dreamt about. Teaching English as a second or Foreign language which used to be seen as a backpacker’s job or for freshly graduated students is growing in popularity with this age group.

Thos men and women who find themselves unexpectedly unemployed make up the biggest number of training or newly qualified TEFL teachers. With children who are grown up and less financial worries than those people five or ten years younger than them, they have the economic freedom to be able to take on this career. This makes it easier for them to uproot to a foreign country to begin teaching English as a second or foreign language.

Some of the most popular countries for TEFL teachers to work in include China and Japan, Thailand, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Columbia. South America and Asia are probably the two most popular continents. Here teachers can enjoy a combination of small class sizes and short working days with relaxing time off and better weather than the UK.

To become a teacher of the English language in a foreign country a degree is becoming the requirements for entry qualification. There are a number of courses to choose from that can be completed in the UK prior to travel or at a language school once you have reached your destination. Before you gain your TEFL certificate you will have to complete a number of hours of actual teaching in a classroom and show your ability to manage a class of pupils of every age. You can find out more on teaching English as a second or foreign language on the internet at websites like TEFLWorld.org.

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