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May 25th, 2010

If you’re struggling for Career Ideas and have a talent with computers, why not contemplate starting up your own consultancy. Most computer users know very little about their machines details or compatibilities and that’s where you can assist them. Computer retailers charge too much for their PCs, if you were to purchase the same parts individually and build the machine yourself, you may sometimes save hundreds of pounds. In these New Careers, as the adviser, you could be referring to customers about what they want the computer for and then making choices accordingly. Let’s get a closer look to see if these Careers are suitable for you.

When you initially get a client, you will have to sit with them and discuss their needs. Some users may play high definition games, others could use video calling or perhaps graphics design products. You need to gain a list of what the customer uses the computer for and then prioritise the list for what is central to the client. When this has been established, you need to find out the budget for the customer and discuss any additional peripherals they may desire. Bear in mind, these types of Careers work on trust, it’s important not to push the customer too much and recommend things they don’t require, you’re ultimately trying to help the customer and it’s better to gain a good reputation than gamble a large, pushy sale.

Based on your Career Ideas, you now have two possibilities at this stage, you can either have the customer pay for the consultancy help and leave them to find an appropriate computer based on your suggestions, or, the ideal goal, is to offer to create the machine yourself for a further fee. With this selection, both you and the customer will gain and make sure to let the customer know the advantages of the service. By putting together the computer yourself, you can be certain to order in the parts at the lowest price and the customer gets out of paying over-the-top prices to the large retail chains. You no doubt get an extra fee for this service, but it will still work out cheaper for the customer and it also means they get exactly what they needed.

New Careers in consultancy can start off slow, so be ready for this and make sure you can get by. You’ll need to consider ideas on how to get your business known as well. These Careers really begin to shine after you’ve grown well established, if you’re doing well you could move onto taking consultations for businesses. You’ll need advanced knowledge of computers and networking for this, but the money you can receive will be much greater, businesses can pay high fees for consultancy work because they need up to date computer systems to function efficiently. You should look into taking some training courses once you become reputable so you can try to enhance your work.

There are many Career Ideas obtainable when working with computers. Careers in consultancy is only one possible option. There are many New Careers open in already well respected businesses, but there are also many possibilities for self employment. If you’re unsure about what you want to do, think carefully about what talents you have and how you can apply them to a job.

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