Students Graduating From University Are Finding It Difficult To Get Employment In Their Selected Area Of Expertise

January 23rd, 2010

Hours each week of study, writing assignments, taking exams, running up student loans. All will be worth the stress when you manage to get a job in the line of work for which you have such enthusiasm.

Now you have your degree and it is “Welcome to the real world!”. There are jobs to be obtained, for which you would be ideal, but they all have the same concluding line – must have experience. The confidence you built up during your study at university, in the knowledge that you are obtaining all the latest knowledge in your line of work, seems to count for zilch. No one seems willing to give you a chance because you do not have years of relevant work experience.

Your bubble begins to pop. The CV you so carefully put together is just not right to get you past the agencies and into work. What can you do? Sticking with the job you were doing at the local coffee shop, bar or restaurant while you were working towards your degree is really not what you saw as your career path.

You now need to entirely rethink your position. What are the Careers In Demand right now? Most graduates have a vast understanding of PCs and the internet – would it therefore be worth thinking about a job in the Computer Business? Is it worth thinking about the option to Make Money From Home?

You may think that as a young worker you really do not want to Make Money From Home. You want experience working in a busy environment. But consider having your own Computer Business… You may then be able to obtain experience in exactly the field for which you have such a passion. Working for yourself would mean you have all the profits and if in the years ahead you decide you would prefer to work for another company, you would probably be able to sell your own Computer Business as a going concern.

It may well be that once you have set up your own business and become established, you are able to provide Careers In Demand for new graduates. How wonderful to know that you have helped yourself at first and are now able to help future graduates obtain that elusive experience in a working environment.

Maybe you will make a decision that you like the idea of being able to Make Money From Home – an option which until this point you had not considered, but are not sure exactly what sort of role you would be able to do. Look on line for a brainwave. There are many choices for jobs in the Computer Business, but there are also Careers In Demand in the franchise industry. Some franchises may be quite costly to buy into, but there are others which are relatively cheap, many under

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