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August 23rd, 2009

There are lots of student jobs In London but there is one I would recommend over any job which is, bar jobs In London.
There are many explanations why many students work in a bar whilst they attend University. The most obvious reason is that working hours in bar fits around the student lifestyle. Although you’re probably not going to be able to choose your hours, bar work is a lot more flexible than many other part time jobs.

In contrast too many other industries like retail and admin bar work offers shifts to their staff that range from an early start to a very late finish that can be past 12 at night. In particular bar jobs are very popular among students so there is a lot of competition in cities that house many students, and you may struggle to get work at the weekend as those shifts will be in the highest demand.Inquiring about bar jobs before anyone else is the only way which is going to give you a head start on the competition.

If you live far from the University it may be harder task than you anticipated but use the internet to your advantage as there are many forum sites with other students with experience of looking for a job. If you choose to stay in your Universities City through the city then this will give you a greater chance of obtaining a job while most other students will leave to go home.

Many people who you meet working on the bar you make a lot of friends and often it is everybody’s first job. When trying to find a bar job there is no need to worry about any previous experience as most jobs don’t required to have any as full training can be given easily. Bar work is known to be very sociable as you’re in contact with many customers throughout your shift. Don’t be fooled though bar work can be very hard as you are on your feet for long periods of time and you sometimes will have to work at a quick pace when it is busy and the pay can be poor too so it doesn’t suit everybody’s taste. When you work as a student you don’t have to pay any tax on any of your income.

Any part time job you have while you are at University can be used as a reference to put on your CV. You will be thankful further down the line that you will have something to put on your CV so as well earning some extra money you must think it will also help your career in the future.

So for any students reading this I would definitely recommend going out and getting yourself a bar job as it is well suited for your lifestyle and also good fun and as being student is becoming more difficult financially it makes perfect sense. Another job I would recommend for student is London call centre jobs.

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